After hours: from 9pm to 11pm call 0553665865
For commercial collections (offices, hotels etc) please send pictures to 0553665865


If you are in a rush of getting rid of the unwanted stuff, a SMS or an email is all we need. In the message you send us, please mention the preferred time and date of the pick-up along with your address and the list of items you want us to pick. If you can provide photos of the items, that would be quite helpful. Our toll free number is 800-JUNK or 0501794045.

Our service is entirely free.

All the items we take from your homes or offices are taken to our sorting facility in Ajman. There, the items are repaired and sorted out. Next, we try selling, giving or recycling the items mainly within the low income community.

Yes, our crew will bring tools, tape, bags and plastic rolls. However, we don’t bring boxes so pack the fragile items beforehand to save time.

A phone call is welcomed, but not necessary. An SMS or email mentioning the date, address and time slot is required for scheduling.

Take My Junk call center operates from 9am to 9pm daily. For high rise locations like Marina, DIFC, Business Bay kindly book a pick up during the day between 10 am – 6 pm.

  • If items need dismantling, and you wish to dismantle, take a before and after picture of the furniture and show it to our guys.
  • Have the small items near the door and in a bag
  • Tell your friends in the building or community that we are coming. They might have junk too!
  • Post on community social media portals that takemyjunk is coming on this date. If you have junk, please contact them

If this happens, request you to contact us immediately and we will be able to track it down within 4 to 7 and have it returned.

The earlier you submit the notice, the better it would be. We often accommodate last minute requests, but an earlier notice would still be more preferred. Be sure to send us an email or SMS if it is a last minute request. 60 minutes is usually enough time for us to reach the destination. During Ramadan, a 2-4 hours’ notice would be convenient.

Yes, we do that.

Yes. Either you can send it to our Ajman facilities or call us and tell us. We have trucks all over the place and can easily tell you. You can give the items to our team.

We have 3 time slots, 9:30am – 2:00pm, 2:00pm-5:00pm, and 5:00pm-8:00pm. Earlier in the day is better, because after 5, some security guards don’t allow us to collect, or our trucks get full

It is preferred that you are at home, but if it is not possible, make sure to notify security and fill the required forms which allows us to remove the items. If you leave the door open and there is no one present, mark the items which are to be taken. This way we won’t take anything that we aren’t supposed to. If we take anything by mistake, you will have to come to Ajman to get it back.

You can help grow our business by sharing our details on Facebook groups, Twitter, portals, etc.

Yes, we do!

  • Due to safety reasons, we don’t remove bulky furniture from staircases of older apartment buildings (ie Karama, Naif Dubai). Only if an elevator is available we will remove. We would usually charge AED 100 for removal.
  • If a pass is required, please try to have the pass ready

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